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Travel has always been a big part of my life and something I'm excited to share about! As kids we spent a lot of time camping and taking road trips. I was lucky to see most of the country this way. In my late teens I spent a summer in Europe (based in Germany & Denmark) and then traveled with my sister on the Eurorails through Switzerland, Italy & France. Through my twenties and thirties I did a lot of backpacking. With all four kids in toe I would head out for days and miles of hiking and sleeping under the stars. In my late thirties I started traveling with yoga trainings. I loved the pairing of physical exercise with travel and the community that got created in the shared interests. Recently I've started running and registered for the seven continents club with a goal to complete a half marathon on all seven continents. Our yoga studio has also started offering yoga retreats. Again, paring what I found in the yoga trainings but in a whole new way.

I hope to fill this part of the blog with all the adventures!

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