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I'm fresh off the plane from visiting my daughter in Bulverde, Texas. We had a jam packed three days of so many goodies. I want to drop them here so I don't forget what I loved and what I want to revisit.

Day 1 - Port Aransas. This was a three hour drive from Bulverde but a great day trip. We took the ferry across which I highly recommend for the experience but it could be avoided if you go through Corpus Christi. There isn't much to do on the island if you're not into fishing but the sand is great and you can drive on the beach. We stayed there a few days when the kids were younger and rented golf carts. This is how a lot of people get around the island so if we go back and have more time, I'll remember to do that again. We got dinner at Grumbles Seafood Co. Yummm!! The Tuna Bowl was incredible and the outdoor seating that overlooked the bay was the perfect way to end our beach day. I'll definitely go back here.

Day 2 - San Antonio. Since my daughter worked the rest of our trip, on day two Xavier & I decided to hang out in town. We went to yoga at TruFusion at the RIM Shopping center. My friend from the FIT to lead training program (Patrick Mills) teaches a really amazing Baptiste Yoga class there. After that we went downtown to The Pearl district which is a trendy area along the riverwalk. It's really cute with locally owned restaurants, shops, and artistic garden areas. Next time I go I'll plan to go here for dinner. We hopped over to the very touristy Riverwalk and Alamo just so I could check the box off for Xav to see. This area is way to touristy for me but the Riverwalk is beautiful to walk along and there are a lot of food options.

Day 3 - Austin. I am in love with Austin. I could live here. We didn't spend any time in the city but rented kayaks from the Rowing Dock company and spent a couple hours on the river right along side downtown. I highly recommend this. For a Tuesday afternoon there were so many people out and about paddle boarding, running, biking and kayaking. I love a city full of active people hanging out outside. The river is lined with trails and trees which made it feel so peaceful even with the city right there. Afterwards we made a pit stop at Jacobs Well on our way back to Bulverde. This natural spring is super cool and I cannot wait to go back. A short hike (about a quarter mile) down a gravel path takes you to this very secluded natural spring that stays 69 degrees year round. The rocks above are shaped to make a perfect diving board into a 140 foot hole. It's a little creepy because you can't see the bottom so I didn't do that but just beyond the hole is a waste deep crystal clear river that is perfect for swimming. The well spring reminds me of the geysers in Yellowstone. It's stunning in person. A local told us that people scuba dive down in the cavern system because after about 30 feet it has little chambers throughout that can be explored. We ended the night with dinner at the The Branch Neighborhood Grill and drinks at The Tree Haus Tavern. Both of these places have great outdoor seating with a cozy vibe. The swing seats at the Tree Haus are so much fun!

In between all of these things we spent a lot of time in the car driving around. Texas is beautiful though and I love looking at all the ranches. The roads are lined with Bluebonnet flowers in the spring, the live oak trees are massive and the wide open spaces make me feel so relaxed. Being on the road isn't bad here at all.

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