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Updated: Feb 9, 2022

I think of being in a trainings and learning new things like collateral circulation. Collateral circulation is blood pathways in the body that becomes available to protect the heart when there is a blockage in an artery. The body literally reroutes the circulation to keep the blood flowing.

Our brains do a similar things with our thought pathways. Our typical ways of thinking, reacting, learning start to carve out pathways like water carves rock to make a stream. When those ways of thinking become unhealthy or are no longer contributing to our growth, we can change the way we think and respond in a disciplined practice and carve out a new way.

This past weekend in training we sat with a long list of values and whittled the list down until we got to our top two. The list has things like accountability, belonging, courage, faith, hope, love, recognition, truth, etc. Getting my values down to two gives me something I can practice. It becomes like a steady drip of water that makes a new way. What I love about collateral circulation is that if a value I pick doesn't work, or if the behaviors I have aren't getting me the results I want, I can create a new channel or reroute and keep moving forward.

Previously I had growth and integrity as my top two. While I think integrity is a huge part of my make up, I'm not always at my best here. I hold it too tight, become too rigid, my expectations get too high and my growth gets blocked. I'm rerouting this year and trying on the value of making a difference instead. It seems to fit my role with massage, nursing, yoga, my nonprofit and trainings, essentially all the work I do. I'm excited to see what changes or opens up now that I see this path. I already feel freedom and flexibility knowing that I can reroute as needed and begin again.

Quote I’m Pondering

"Give me a place to stand & I will move the earth.”

~ Archimedes

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