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Montreal, Quebec

I love this city! A very quick travel day from the states and you end up in the middle of European charm. The food is amazing, the people so friendly and although it is french speaking, there is also english translation everywhere so its very easy to get around.

Here are my favorites from this trip...

Where to stay:

  1. Doubletree by Hilton Montreal - This is really just a big hotel, but the unique part is that it sits above the Complexe Desjardins (an underground) Mall and connects to underground tunnels that take you to subway stations and the convention center. So if you plan to visit Montreal in the winter, this might be a place for you!

What to do:

1. Old Montreal - It's pretty touristy in this area but the old stone buildings, brick streets and European vibe is worth the visit. There is a large variety of shopping and good food plus a lot of history in this area. It's easy to spend a full day here.

2. Mount Royal - This was my favorite activity. We rented Bixi (bicycles) which you can find easy to use rental stationsevery few blocks blocks and rode them to and through this park located in the center of the city. The park has beautiful trails that take you all the way to the top of Mount Royal where you will find a cafe and spectacular views of the city. Riding the bikes back down is worth all the effort to get up there. So fun!

Where to eat -

  1. Bagels - Sooooo good! There is a bagel battle in Montreal between two neighboring bakeries so naturally, you have to try them both! Are you team Fairmount or St. Viateur?

  2. Smoked meat - Schwartz's Deli. If you are a meat eater, this place is a must and people line up along the street for their world famous smoked meat. The smoked meat sandwich with the pickle was repeatedly recommended and did not disappoint! If you show up to a long line like we did, it moves quickly and its worth the wait.

  3. Poutine - You can't come here and not try this right? Ok to be honest, this sounded disgusting but it was actually very good so I'm adding it to my list. I tried it from multiple places but the top recommendation was for La Banquise!

  4. Cafe - Olive et Gourmando was my favorite. Located in Old Montreal they had the best food, delicious coffee and their location was lovely. I highly recommend!

  5. Modavie Resteraunt - We lucked out finding this cozy wine bar with incredible live music. Good food, good wine, great atmosphere. Go here on a Thursday night to catch the live music.

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