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Chest Opener Stretch

This is one of my favorite upper body stretches. I use it to relieve pain between the shoulder blades, to alleviate tension headaches and to open & stretch the chest and shoulders. Its especially good if you spend the day rounded forward in your shoulders sitting at a computer or learning forward like I do at work.

1. Lay on foam roller so your tailbone and the back of your head are supported on the roller.

2. Place your feet flat on the floor wider than hip distance for stability.

3. Begin with your arms over head, fingers touching.

4. Slowly lower your arms. Keep your forearms parallel to your torso as if you are in a tight doorway. If your arms go wide, that's easier and cheating!

5. Draw your forearms towards the floor while keeping your front ribs pulled in towards the center of your chest.

6. Slowly raise your arms back to the starting position

7. Repeat 3-5 times, then roll off to your right side and press up to a seated position.

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