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Arm Circles

This is one of my favorite upper body stretches. It targets the chest, shoulder and upper back. It’s great for any of you who have been experiencing your shoulders rounding forward, restricted range of motion in your rotator cuff or tension in your upper back.

1) Take this stretch from a side laying position. Support your head with a pillow or your arm.

2) Extend your arm up to a 12:00 position with your palm facing up.

3) Rotate your arm as is you were the arm of a clock down to the 6:00 position.

4) Turn your palm down at 6:00.

5) Rotate your palm back up to 12:00, keep your arm parallel with the floor, and turn your palm up at the 12:00 position.

6) Do 8 rotations in both clockwise & counterclockwise positions on both side.

*Watch that you do not roll backwards when your arm is behind you. This is cheating (haha) and can overstrain your low back. Keep your hips stacked as you stretch.

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